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  • Bob Holroyd

New release 'Hiding in Plain Sight'.

I will be releasing a new piece called 'Hiding in Plain Sight' at the end of the month.This new track is about isolation and loneliness, and although it was written before, and not about the Covid-19 pandemic, it resonates particularly well with the current situation.

Very many people struggle with mental health issues in varying degrees but it's rarely obvious. Behind a mask of fake contentment some are disintegrating inside, embarrassed and ashamed to let their true feelings show for fear of ridicule - they are literally hiding in plain sight. We see them but we don't see how they really feel.

Just because we can't physically touch others at the moment doesn't mean we can't emotionally reach out and touch our friends and loved ones. People can be extremely fragile and It may not seem much, but being told that you are noticed, and matter, can be the difference between life and death for some.

Even though we live in an ultra connected work, with more ways of communicating than ever before, lots of people are even more lonely than ever. Even when surrounded by thousands of people often individuals know no-one, not even their immediate neighbours.

The sparse sounds, and the dystopian cityscape viewed from above, are meant to represent this feeling of isolation.The occasional pulse like signal showing that someone is trying to be heard or noticed, but because everything is all on such a massive scale it all get's lost in the noise.

We all want to matter, to be heard above the noise, sometimes we just have to know how to listen.

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