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New Release on Real World X

I'm really excited to have new release on Real World X, a new imprint label of Peter Gabriel’s Real World Records.

Mangled Pianos/Steal is available now.

Mangled Pianos was inspired by the first covid lockdown. It was created by playing multiple similar piano lines on top of each other, without listening to the previous part. Some takes were time stretched, others were at normal speed to create a repetitive but varying series of layers, sometimes working together in harmony, sometimes feeling dischordant, at times feeling calm and meditative, but also feeling anxious and uncertain.

The idea was to create an aural representation the feeling I had during lockdown, which was a time where I was doing the same, or very similar things, every day, without much variation or structure.

The video is an extension of this idea. We were allowed one walk per day, but only locally, and the rest of the time we stayed at home. Therefore most days I walked round my home town of Farnham, varying the route at times, but ultimately each walk was very similar to the last one – sometimes boring and repetitive, sometimes actually giving me the time to really look in details at what I hadn’t previously noticed, even though I’d seen them hundreds of times before.

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