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Bob Holroyd

New album “The Cage” due out March 9th 2018

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Bob Holroyd 'THE CAGE'. May 19th 2018

Winchester planetarium is the largest capacity digital planetarium in the UK - employing state of the art digital projection equipment and software to present an unforgettable and incredible experience.

Imagine lying back in a comfortable seat with a cinema screen 360° around and above your head. The enormous domed screen completely surrounds the audience, placing everyone right in the action. Relax back into a comfortable seat and fly through the Solar System.  

For one night only the dome will be transformed in to the 'cage' to accompany Bob Holroyd's new album. Meet and greet Bob personally before being immersed in sound and light at this amazing and spectacular venue.

There are are only 150 tickets click here to buy

Living In The Futures Past

For a while now I have been working on music that accompanies this amazing new documentary called 'Living In The Futures Past'.It is presented and narrated by none other than Jeff Bridges.

I want to say a huge thank you to the director and film maker Susan Kucera for asking me to be involved in this film - it is a real honour. Please click here for a preview and more information.

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